What is Co-Farm about?

Co-Farm is an online marketplace for everyone with an interest in food – from the farmer to the cook. By enabling everyone with an interest in the food system to connect with each other, Co-Farm is contributing to a healthier, fairer and more transparent food society.


We created Co-Farm because we believe food is in trouble and we want to help make it better.

Giant processors and retailers have taken control over what we eat! In thinking about it over a long period of time, we have come to the conclusion that food companies – just like companies selling cigarettes, pharmaceuticals and other commodities – put their interests in pursuing profit ahead of the interests of their suppliers and their customers.

And because they are so powerful – they are getting away with it!

As a result, many of us have this uneasy feeling that the wholesome looking brands on the supermarket shelf are masking production systems that are unsafe and unhealthy. Whatever the truth, this lack of trust is unpleasant and confusing.

At the other end of the chain, many growers and producers are forced to give most or their margin away in return for a route to market via the corporates. Sadly, we have also concluded that the cost pressure of competing in this corporate dominated system is not good for animal welfare or the environment.

We believe in a different type of world. A world filled with opportunity and choice, where consumers can see how food is really produced and then make informed decisions that align with their values and beliefs. We believe in a world where suppliers, growers and producers connect directly with their customers, without having to jump through the hoops and traps set by corporate controlled supply chains.

We set up Co-Farm to help bring the world we believe in to life!


Co-Farm provides an online platform that lets everyone with an interest in food to connect to each other directly; eliminating gate keepers and middlemen. We believe that by making it easy to find and connect with others in the food system; abundant opportunities for creating new value will arise and that prosperity within the food system will spread far and wide.


The Co-Farm platform enables sellers of products and services to build a search friendly public profile to describe what they offer.

It enables buyers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily so as to make better buying decisions.


We believe that facilitating direct contact and the free flow of information will build greater collectiveness awareness about food contributing to a fairer, healthier and more transparent food society for all.

This is what we mean by solutions for the growing world!